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Unbelievable: Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling

It’s become increasingly clear that our modern day propulsion systems aren’t really needed anymore. New technologies are waiting to be unleashed, technologies that are much more efficient and harmonious with the planet. When it comes to efficiency, thorium seems to be one at the top of the list. The element is radioactive, and the team uses bits of it to build a laserbeam that heats water, produces steam, and powers an energy-producing turbine. Thorium is one of the most dense materials on the planet. A small sample of it packs 20 million times more energy than a similarly-sized sample of coal, making it an ideal energy source.

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Anaconda eats discovery reporter an alive you've never seen before

The president of the Discovery Channel is finally speaking out about their recent special Eaten Alive. The highly hyped network event was supposed to show Paul Rosalie, a noted naturalist, as he was consumed by a giant Anaconda, something that would be made possible by a special suit he was wearing.

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Parents keep dead son in freezer 6 years

The father, Tian Xueming, of a small city outside Chongqing said that he refuses to put his son in a grave as having him in the nearby freezer makes him feel like his son "never left," said the Daily Mail. He decided to put the body of his son in a freezer where he goes each day to chat with him together with other family members. Xueming Tian bought generators to keep the freezer running in case of a blackout. He says that this has kept the body of his son intact as though he were alive.

Making of Banana Fiber with charateristics Application

Actually Banana is a gigantic herb, and a food fruit crop an ancient species cultivated all over the world. Next to Brazil India is the largest banana producer. The fruit bunches and leaves are main source of Income, besides the leaves are used as bio plates for serving food in homes and functions. Banana fruit contains of multi vitamin and proteins, other portions of Banana plant are dumped as waste, and the fruit bunches (the upper side ‘U’ type stem) is also cutted and wasted. Farmers often face problems to clear it, Due to weather conditions such as floods, a heavy wind, the complete Banana trees falls down, and creates a heave loss and more over the price fluxations for Banana fruits.

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Mummified Buddhist Monk Comes Back to Life After 89 Years

What if you reach a state of meditation where you slow down your aging but you have to meditate for years? Are you alive all those years you don’t move and just meditate? Watch the video below and decide for yourself if this mummified Buddhist monk came back to life after 89 years.

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